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From https://hannilysblog.com/2016/08/08/meet-the-new-creative-producer-for-bath-dance-fleur-hoefkens-lee/

What is your vision for Bath Dance?

My vision for Bath Dance is for it to be a catalyst for high quality dance provision of all styles and at all levels. I’d like Bath Dance to be known nationally for it’s high quality dance offer, excellent local practitioners and artists and as a place where graduates and professionals want to stay to develop their careers.I’d like there to be an annual event that showcases and shares high level dance made in BANES as well as bringing exciting companies into the area. An event that people from all over the South West and beyond come to see and take part in dance. I’m hoping to draw on what Bath already has to offer and support the excellent things already taking place. This includes offering work experience, volunteer opportunities and connecting with all the dance groups/ organisations in the area.

Accessibility and transparency is key to Bath Dance’s plan, with the aim of inspiring, supporting, nurturing and signposting the local talent in the area.I’d also like dance to be part of Bath’s culture. I’m hoping to develop strong relationships with Bath’s museums, libraries and other cultural hubs to help strengthen our connection with the wider community and help bring these community buildings to life.

Bath Dance is in a period of transition. I’m currently contracted for a year at 2 days a week. We are now at the end of our funding remit, so this year is all about raising funds for the next few years and holding carefully all the great things Bath Dance has already put in place.

With limited capacity, in the short term I will be prioritising:
* Meeting and connecting with local people and listening to what they feel is needed/wanted for the area
* Developing a strategy to take Bath Dance forward
* Applying to G4A and writing other funding applications for Bath Dance
* Supporting local practitioners with mentoring 1:1s, Creative Cuppas and Dance Seed Funding
* Developing a deeper understanding of what dance opportunities are currently offered in Bath
Being a face for Bath Dance by attending local performances as well as local and regional meetings concerning dance provision.


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