Our former member Laura Sweeney recently published a template for under-15k Project Grants applications, the new funding strand to replace Grants for the Arts. 

We've noticed that one field was missing - requesting details of how support in kind has been calculated - so we've updated the form accordingly, and you can download it from here (we've also done a bit of formatting for you). 


We've also created an over-£15k template (because what else do you do while waiting for the Developing Your Creative Practice Fund information to be published?), which you can download below. 


We've also created a guidance video on applying for Project Grants, in case it's of help to you


And if you're used to Grants for the Arts, here's a video which explains what's different in Project Grants

And naturally, we're very thrilled that ACE has released a new strand of Project Grants funding for creative media and digital activity, so we've created an additional explainer video about that for you. And if you have any questions or need any advice, do get in touch with our friendly network of producers!