Are you coming to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and wondering what to see? If you're interested in dance, we've compiled a guide to the independent (freelance) dance on offer this year. Thanks to Dance Base's Heads Up and Oliver James Anwyl's Innovations Contemporary Dance Platform, there's a wealth of short works on offer across their platforms, so there should be plenty to keep you occupied. 

We approached all 35 independent artists and companies who are showing work at this year's Fringe, but as not all of them have yet responded, our guide currently features most but not all of them. Please do keep checking back as no doubt we'll be adding more, and adding more trailers once they're available. 


In the meantime, please enjoy our guide to what's on at this year's Fringe, and we hope you have a very enjoyable time. Stay warm!

You can download our guide here: 


If you are a venue, programmer, producer or curator planning to attend the Fringe, then our programmers' pack is for you: 


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Photo of Autin Dance Theatre's Queer Words © Rimantas Vaiciulis