It's that time of year again when the entire performing arts industry packs its sweaters and umbrellas and descends on Edinburgh for a month - or so it seems. And this year, there will be quite a few of us among them! So it's about time we announced what we have planned for the coming Fringe. 

Coffee and a Chat

Last year, there were two of us at the Fringe, so we made ourselves available to meet up with visiting artists and producers, and as there are eleven of us this time, it seemed only fair to continue this tradition. If you'd like to see a friendly face, or you'd like a sanity check, or to talk about any ideas or projects, or pick someone's brains, then please do get in touch with us - preferably by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Twitter (@IDMN_), as we don't always receive Facebook page notifications (IDMNPage). It doesn't have to be coffee; we can also do herbal tea, tap water, alcohol, picnics, Graze on Grassmarket or lounging at Summerhall or in the Meadows. 

We are considering social events with food, but those are yet to be confirmed or even planned, so watch this space. 

Produce and Chill

Last year, we held a Producers' Gathering event in partnership with Sick of the Fringe and Unlimited, and this year, we're holding THREE weekly sessions at Fringe Central for producers to gather, talk and share. (Previous similar events have been described as "group therapy for producers"). They will be held on 6, 13 and 23 August at different times, and you can come join us on the sofas. Further details are here:

If you prefer Facebook events instead, then here you go:

I'd like to hold an event in the final week, but this has yet to be planned. Check this space, our Twitter and/or our Facebook page for updates. 

Fringe Fair

At last year's Fringe Fair, we talked to lots of stallholders, and this time we'll be behind a stall of our own, so please come to us and talk to us. We may even have some merchandising available for you.... The Fringe Fair will be held at Fringe Central on 20 August from 1-6pm. We're aware that there's a Devoted & Disgruntled event taking place there at the same time. Please come talk to us instead. Details are here:

Independent Dance at the Fringe

As we're a nationwide network representing independent dance practitioners, it was only a matter of time before we liaised with all 35 UK-based independent dance artists and their producers who are showing work at this year's Fringe, to create a marketing & press pack, and a separate pack for programmers. The programmers' pack is being sent to a very long list of current and potential dance programmers to raise awareness of the dance works on offer with their touring information, and we have agreed with Fringe Central for the pack to be distributed among industry delegates in case there's anyone we missed out.

We are very sad that we've been unable to include any of the non-dance artists who've requested to be included in this pack.  

The marketing pack will be distributed among press delegates, and will also be a pretty online brochure for audiences to enjoy. 

If you would like a copy of the marketing pack, it will be available very soon to download from this site. If you would like a copy of the programmers' pack, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because it's intended for programmers and promoters only. 

Help Is At Hand

We're aware that a number of people are EdFringing for the first time, or that things crop up even when you're a seasoned Fringer. Should that be the case, as we have quite a few producers around, do give us a shout if you need help with anything or need advice with aspects of your show. 

I'm available, should you need anyone to photograph or film your show. My photography website is, and I operate on a "Pay what you can" basis for the Fringe. 

Also, as we've spent much of this year streaming our events, we have a treasure trove of equipment should you want to stream or record anything: perhaps a podcast, perhaps vox pops, perhaps trailers, perhaps streaming with a cast member stuck on a train hundreds of miles away? Or maybe the wifi at your digs is almost as bad as mine (TalkTalk), so you're desperate to get online? Our list of equipment available to borrow, or to hire at very low cost, is here:

Last Year's Advice

Last year, quite a few people were writing very helpful blogs about How To EdFringe, and when I actually had some time (unheard of during the Fringe!), I collated them and then added some extra tips, including upcoming events at Fringe Central. Consequently, some of this roundup is useful, and some of it is very out of date: This list will be updated in due course. 

Our Members' Shows

What are eleven IDMN members doing in Edinburgh? Well, I live here, and as for the others... Here are the shows that some of them are working on

Queer Words by Autin Dance Theatre (Kirsten Tranter and Heather Maclaurin):
Dep by Van Huynh Company (Pierre Palluet):
The Troth by Akademi (Lise Smith):
Hot Brown Honey (Carly Woodbridge):
Flight, in the shipping container outside Summerhall (Victoria Eyton):
Innovations Contemporary Dance Platform (Oliver James Anwyl):

Ellen Booth is working for Assembly, so if you see her, please be very nice to her. 

One or more of our members are participating in the Fringe Society's Emerging Producers' Programme, and likewise, at least one member will be coming up at some point because a) why not and b) lots of us are here!

In Conclusion

Hopefully we'll cross paths at some point, but if we don't, and you're at the Fringe too, we hope your time goes very very well indeed. And that you get to climb Arthur's Seat at least once.