I've invested a lot of time over the past year and more in the new Developing Your Creative Practice fund. Now that the decisions have been made, and the 103 successful applicants have been announced, I want to do some research into why those 103 projects were funded, and the other 791 were not. It may be that a lot of these were better-suited to Project Grants, but the more we all know, the better our chances will be in the next rounds. 

If you applied to DYCP and your project was unsuccessful, I would be very grateful if you can fill out the form below, so that I can build up a picture of the applications which were submitted, compared with those which were funded. The findings will be published here as guidance for those who have applied, and for those planning to apply in future. 

If you'd like to get in touch, my email is chantal @ guevara . org . uk [no spaces]

This is a survey to try and capture sufficient data to understand ACE's decisionmaking for DYCP funding, and to help future applicants to strengthen their applications accordingly
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Your city (of application)
Application amount
Description of your project
What was the rejection reason?
Why did you choose to apply through DYCP and not Project Grants?
Are you planning to resubmit in the next round
Any comments or thoughts
If you wouldn't mind sending me your application, so that I can find out more about its content and how ACE assessed it, please do send it to [email protected] - thank you!

Note: your application will not be shown to or discussed with anyone else. 

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