Lissie Connor

Friday, 02 February 2018
Lissie Connor

Lissie is a Producer and Dance Facilitator with over 8 years of industry experience, Lissie is an accomplished dance professional, with a BPA degree, and Post Graduate diploma from the prestigious training conservatoire, Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Working with some of the most exciting artists in the North East including Lizzie J Klotz, Joelene English Dance Theatre, Fun in the Oven and The D Project, Lissie also focuses on major outdoor cultural events, working as Assistant and Production Coordinator for Lumiere Durham, SO Festival, Freedom on the Tyne and commercial music events such as Live from Times Square.

An experienced dancer and REPs L3 certified Pilates Instructor herself, Lissie has a record of varied and broad work, training young dancers through Newcastle's Dance City CAT program, Pilates and dance instruction associated with sports rehabilitation, and movement wellness for the 55+ age.