Organisation: Kaleidoscopic Arts
Role: Co-Producer
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Twitter: @KSkalionta


Bio: Konstantina is a London based dance artist, teacher and choreographer. Her work reflects upon personal experiences and aspires to explore social interaction and the human condition. She is interested in collaborating with artists of other fields, as well as, developing performances outside the theatre setting, where the audience's role is challenged. Her work has been presented in platforms such as Resolution! 2014, 2015 & 2016 (The Place Theatre), Women of Mass Destruction 2 (Rich Mix), Design for Dance Project (Cochrane Theatre) and festivals such as Surrey Dance Festival 2014, City of London 2011 and Blue Cloud Scratch in 2016 and 2017.


Organisation Details:
Kaleidoscopic Arts was founded by dance artists and independent choreographers Konstantina Skalionta and Lucia Schweigert in 2014.
Together they oversee all aspects of running Kaleidoscopic Arts. In 2015 Cecilia Berghäll joined them as general assistant.

'It is our mission to support emerging female choreographers in making and promoting their work and making it accessible to a diverse audience, as well as advancing their careers. We want to enable dance and non-dance audiences to experience the diversity and excellence of work by female choreographers. We respond in this way to the issue that the current UK contemporary dance scene is dominated, not in quality and quantity, but in publicity and popularity, by male choreographers.

We showcase exciting, experimental, moving, beautiful, thought-provoking and stimulating contemporary dance works by emerging female choreographers.

Each platform takes place in an unconventional space and opens the floor for a post-performance Q&A.

We also organise professional development meetings and work in progress sharings for emerging female choreographers.'


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