Location: London
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Web: www.HannaWroblewski.com
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Hanna is a German-born London-based performer and solo dance practitioner who focuses on the body as a tool for communication and how this translates to the contract between the audience and performer.

She interested in creating risky work that is both commercially accessible as well as intellectually challenging and pushes the boundaries of her own performing body. Her work is inspired by social behavior, the psychology of human beings and exists on the verge of the surreal, with the aim to create a world where magical realism is accessible for the audience to experience/witness.

Her professional dance education began in 2004 at the Erika Klütz Schule in Hamburg. She graduated in 2007 with a first class degree in dance pedagogy and worked as a freelance dance pedagogue in Germany until 2010. She then started her Master of Fine Arts Study in Choreography at the University of Roehampton, graduating with Merit in 2012.

Hanna works internationally and has been collaborating with artists such as photographer Eulanda Shead; photographer/videographer Urban Decay Visuals; composer Robert Peate; lighting designer Justyna Janiszewska; musician Bartosz Glowacki and singer songwriter Turan Webb.

Since graduating she has focussed on establishing herself as a solo dance performer in the UK and has created two major solo projects until now. 'Darling, I don't sell dreams...' and 'My Heart became this Monster' both of which were received greatly by audiences and critics alike.


List of Works
Darling, I don't sell dreams... (2016)
The Voice of Three (2016)
La malade imaginaire (2013)
My Heart became this Monster (2012)
Auf Wiedersehn', my dear... (2012)
oFf (2011)
Bilocated (2011)


Recent & Upcoming Dates
Emerge Festival: 31.10. - 04.11.2017

Into Eden Event - 04.05.17
Resolution2017 - 02.02.17


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