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Avatâra is an independent dance artist based in London since 2007. She is Artistic Director of her project based dance company AVA Dance, Associate Artist of European Center for the arts Hellerau Dresden and Associate Company of The Creative Academy Slough. Avatâra was nominated for the 2015 UK National Dance Awards.
Avatâra has an extensive knowledge of different dance sectors across the world (from Japan, and Burkina Faso to Cuba and European sectors). In parallel to her choreographic career, Avatâra has received funds from different organisations to develop as a cultural leader. Avatâra has completed studies in leadership with the Open University UK and with the prestigious Clore Leadership Programme UK (Emerging Leaders) among others. She is committed to support the dance sector in the UK, being an active member of Equity (Performers UK Union) and One Dance UK. Avatâra is also fully committed to empowering women and girls around the world, taking part in various initiatives to promote change and equality as “Inspiring the Future, Inspiring Women” and "Inspiring Girls"


List of Works

The Protocol (2017)
1565 (2016)
Love Us Tender (2016)
Evidencia (2015)
A Brief History of the World in 3 Acts(2015)
Provisional Landscapes (2014)
OneSquareMeter  (2014) 
Balikbayan  (2013)
Gardencity 3.0 (2013)
Variété (2013)
Dalcroze (2012)
Dealing with Death (2012)
One Million Friends (2012)
Salome (2012)
The First Language  (2012)
Symphony in Red (2012)
Grün Koncert  (2012)
Typhoon (2011) 
N 45 29’ 12” (2011)
Umbrales (2011)
Pidgin (2011)
Spero (2010)
My Body is a Battleground  (2012)
disolución (2009)
Looking Backward to Tomorrow (2009)
9-teen  (2008) 
so quite new a thing (2007)
i(u)ter (2006)
3-adic  (2006) 


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