What We Offer

GFA Support Group

We are currently researching how to offer support to people undergoing the GFA process, and whether this can be incorporated into our membership scheme or separate from it. 

From feedback so far, we will be exploring offering trial IDMN membership, coworking sessions, our producer counselling sessions and 1-to-1 producer sessions to help ensure your GFA is as successful as can be; if you have any other suggestions, please do email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as I'd love to chat further. 

Professional Training

As training is essential for producers' development, IDMN offers a wide range of workshops designed to address the needs of independent producers, divided into introductory level, general level and for experienced producers. These workshops are open to producers and self-producing artists working in any artform or discipline. 

We have devised a Foundation in Producing strand, which offers workshops in ten key areas to ensure all entry-level producers have a good grounding in all key producer skills, and which are open to other producers seeking to brush up. The general level workshops are intended to complement the foundation-level workshops. 

To increase accessibility of our training, participants are welcome to attend our workshops in person or online, and we will be trialling offering some of our workshops as online study. 

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Professional Development

We are keen to offer continuing professional development to our members at all stages of their careers, so we are offering each of our members a carefully-designed package of support as part of their long-term development. 

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Network Events

It's good for us all to spend time with each other in real life, so we will be holding a series of events which will be open to the wider producing and artistic community. 

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Action Learning for Producers

Action Learning is a simple but powerful tool for personal and professional development. It offers the opportunity to focus on self, career and life, work on real problems and implement solutions, with the support of a small group of impartial people – whom you meet and get to know through the commitment of a number of sessions (usually 6) over an agreed period (usually 6-12 months).

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Welcome to the all-new IDMN membership package for 2017/2018!

As a dance producer, manager, self-producing artist or similar, membership of IDMN offers you the chance to be part of its work on advocacy and strategy, as well as connecting you with a network of peers who can support you and be supported by you.

We are also now extending membership to self-producing artists so that they can benefit from the support and resources we offer, as well as additional services from our producer members at discounted rates.

We have a range of membership options for independent producers, self-producing artists, students, graduates and corporate memberships, including trial and discounted group membership rates, and we're willing to discuss other membership arrangements if you'd like. You can view all our membership packages and sign up on this page: www.idmn.co.uk/join.html

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Producer Support

IDMN's members are available to offer informal advice, 1-to-1 surgeries and extended support on a range of topics, including:

  • Career Coaching
  • Career Development
  • Company Development
  • Project Development
  • Marketing
  • Tourbooking
  • International Tourbooking
  • Fundraising
  • Company Management
  • Project Management
  • Business development
  • Network development

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