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    An independent dance producing network offering shared knowledge, professional development & training, advocacy and more
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Latest News

Upcoming Workshops

We've recently launched a programme of producing and fundraising workshops open to producers and self-producing artists of all disciplines. For more details ->

Resolution Artists

If you're showing work at The Place as part of Resolution!, and would like to meet with a producer to discuss what lies ahead, please email us at [email protected] - and please do invite us to your show if you'd like!

What We Offer

Professional Training

We offer a wide range of training workshops at introductory, general and experienced levels, and our workshops are livestreamed and offered as online study.



Peer Knowledge & Sharing

As a community of producers and self-producing artists, we share advice, resources, knowledge & tips and assist each other when needed.



Network Events

We will be holding regular events open to all, including roundtable discussion events and producer counselling afternoons.



Advocacy & Research

As an independent body, we aim to advocate on behalf of independent dance artists and the wider independent dance sector, using evidence-based research.



A GFA Support Group

We're planning to set up a support group to support people during the GFA-writing process, with coworking, advice and a supportive community.

A Producing Network

We are an active network of independent dance producers and self-producing dance artists. If you need producing assistance or solidarity, you've come to the right place!



Discussion Group

We have an active discussion group for sharing news, industry updates, jobs, funding news and more.



Professional Development

We offer action learning sets for producers, and we offer our members personal development plans, including mentoring, coaching, shadowing, placements and buddying.



Industry Memberships

We offer our members the benefits of other leading industry memberships (see below for list), through our own memberships and agreements with each.



1-to-1 Producer Support

Our producers are available for informal advice, 1-to-1 consultations and for adhoc support and work.

Our Corporate Memberships

IDMN offers its members the full membership benefits of each of the following organisations, including Equity's Industry Information Service

Upcoming Events

Recent News

Catch up on our latest updates and reports

Our Membership

We have tailored our membership to meet the needs of independent dance producers and self-producing artists, and we offer a range of one-year and trial memberships. 

To find out more about what our membership offers, please visit here, and if you'd like to join us, please visit here.

If you are looking for a producer and don't know who to approach, then please email us at [email protected] and it'll be forwarded to all our members.

And if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


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Professional Development

At the heart of IDMN is the professional development of artists and producers to ensure a strong and effective workforce for the sector.

The IDMN TRAINING PROGRAMME of one-day intensive workshops is open to members and non-members and is suitable for artists as well as producers, both freelance or from within organisations.

Our courses provide a unique opportunity to learn something new and develop practical skills, whilst sharing experiences and discussing case studies with peers. Group learning and development is fed by the essential mix of artists, producers and project managers whom attend our sessions and the interaction that is fostered amongst attendees.


    "Thank you IDMN: very engaging and experienced leaders opening up an interesting debate. Very stimulating and I have come away with a lot more ideas, knowledge and feeling very inspired!"
    IDMN Training Participant 2013

    'Thanks to the wonderful training received through IDMN I was able to embark on a new career (from a dancer to a manager)'
    Isabel Tamen, Executive Director, Richard Alston Dance Company

    'Attending the day has refocused my mind in order to be pro-active.'

    "It was fascinating to have such an interactive group feeding the session as was the experience sharing that came from that."

    'The session was of immediate relevance and extremely good value'

    "The small group was useful as we could really get to know one anothers ideas. It was great and I really enjoyed the afternoon."

    'A really great day - informative and a relaxed feel... it has really helped me think practically about how I might move forward'

    IDMN Training participants 2011-2013