Lise Smith

Lise completed her Professional Diploma at Laban in 2007 and worked as a teacher and animateur for organisations including Greenwich Dance Agency, Barnet School Sports Partnership and Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds. She now works as a manager and producer for a growing number of artists and companies across London and South East England.

Lise also writes for a number of arts publications and is a regular contributor to and Londonist. She was part of the Cloud Dance Festival selection panel in 2010, and one of the Prix Jardin d’Europe judges in 2010. Very occasionally she can even be spotted performing, most recently while six months pregnant in New Art Club’s Hercules (London cast).

CURRENT CLIENTS: Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, Kamala Devam Dance, Bricolage Dance Movement, SIN Cry Fly No Filter, Crossword Ballet

RECENT CLIENTS: Kate Flatt Projects, Tara Pilbrow Dance, Rachel Burn, Cody’s Moving Group

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