Welcome to the all-new IDMN membership package for 2017!

As a dance producer, manager or similar, membership of IDMN offers you the chance to be part of its work on advocacy and strategy, as well as connecting you with a network of peers who can support you and be supported by you.

We are also now extending membership to self-producing artists so that they can benefit from the support and resources we offer, as well as additional services from our members.

We have a range of membership options for independent producers, self-producing artists, students, graduates and corporate memberships, including trial and group membership rates, and a discounted online-only membership package as well, and we're willing to discuss other membership arrangements if you'd like. You can view all our membership packages and sign up on this page: www.idmn.co.uk/join.html

As part of our membership package, we can offer corporate membership of the following to our members:
FundingCentral: Free access to all members to its exhaustived directory of funding sources.

PANDA (led by IDMN founder member Anne-Marie Crowther): confidential legal helpline, preferential insurance rates and coaching sessions.

One Dance UK: invites to attend selected Choreographers' meetings, the One Dance UK Dance Managers meeting/s, and to talk at various meetings with members about the role of the Dance Managers or other relevant topics.

ITC: access to ITC's online resources, contracts, members' rates for training and events, free networking forums etc, and a 20% discount on full independent membership. Unlimited advice on a full range of legal, managerial and financial topics including: copyright, employment, contracts, tax, business planning, organisational structure and staff development.

National Rural Touring Network: access to NRTF's resources, advice, online community, newsletters and events. Rural tourbooking is NOT guaranteed!

Be part of a network of producing and management professionals
IDMN is an active network of producing and management professionals. As well as the value of networking, information-sharing and supporting our colleagues that is at the centre of the group, IDMN is committed to supporting the development of an independent dance infrastructure for the industry through its activities and advocacy. We will be holding regular events to network in person as well as promoting working with each other on fora and working groups, and actively sharing resources and knowledge. Furthermore, our relationship with PANDA will benefit members working in other artforms beyond dance.

Access to private egroup with up-to-date news, information and jobs.
Upon joining IDMN, you will be added to the online discussion group. This is where we post various files and messages in relation to IDMN and this is our main form of communication outside of meetings. The egroup, hosted by Google, is an invaluable way of keeping in touch with colleagues in between meetings, sharing information and picking someone else’s brain when need be. We also have a private Facebook group, as an alternative and more social medium for sharing.

Training and professional development
We will be offering a range of professional development opportunities, ranging from individual sessions - 1:1s, career MOTs, coaching, and advice surgeries - to a range of events from workshops to open space events to best address topics affecting producers, ranging from defining best practice in dance management to career sustainability and longevity.

We will also be offering mentoring and shadowing opportunities, and for artists, our members will be able to offer their services for a discounted rate.

We'll also be inviting in guest speakers from Arts Council and ITC to keep our members appraised of the latest developments affecting our sector and to deliver relevant training.

Training, coaching and mentoring will be delivered by existing IDMN members, past IDMN members, PANDA and other people recommended by our members.

As a community of dance producers and managers, we are best-placed to represent dance artists on a national level by providing an advisory body to organisations such as One Dance UK, Equity, Arts Council, local government and other similar organisations.

Regional focus
Although the majority of our members are typically based in the south, we plan to create a secondary base in Manchester and we will aim to establish a regional presence across the country by scheduling regular events in each region to support local members. We will also offer a trial travel bursary to assist members with travel to events in Manchester and London.

If you would be interested in offering training workshops, being part of our advocacy work, working groups and/or developing a regional presence, then please let us know when you sign up for membership. You can contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you (back) to the IDMN family.