• Lise Smith – Bricolage Dance Movement (Image: The Company)

  • RosieHeafford – Paper Solo

  • Claire Morton – Hold Everything Dear – Laila Diallo (Image: Arno)

  • Miranda Laurence – Impending-Storm

  • Nadja Dias – Candoco Company (Image: Candoco Company)

  • Carly Woodbridge – Rowdy – Open Art Surgery – (Image: Breakin Convention)

  • Amanda Drago – Children and Young People’s Dance Network

  • Ceri Brierley – Synchronised, Balbir Singh Dance Company (Image: Maya Almeida)

  • Gwen Van Spijk – Junk Ensemble – Bird with Boy (Image: Luca Truffarelli)

  • Jeanette Hinton – MoveMe Big Dance

  • Katy Noakes – Cape Alley (Image: Mark Simmons)

  • Natalie Richardson – Jean Abreau – A Thread

  • Jih-Wen Yeh

  • Kirsten Jeavons – Man Made Youth of Big Dance

  • Pierre Palluet – Dam Van Huynh – Dep (Image: Pari Naderi)

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Membership types:

Aside from Student/Grads, all members should be working within the performing arts. Student /Grad members should have a desire to work within the Arts.

STUDENT/GRADS: anyone in their final year of study, or those who have graduated within the last 12 months that have not previously been members of IDMN. Price: £25.00 annually on April 1st.

• INDEPENDENTS: anyone working as a freelance/self-employed manager within the arts. Price: £50.00 annually on April 1st.

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Code of Conduct

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• To advocate for the sector and best practice in management.

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“IDMN provided all important peer support and exchange at a formative stage in my career. It proved an excellent forum (network) from which to connect into the wider sector whilst contributing to my CPD needs as I moved from artist to manager.”

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