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We have three people wishing to join our Executive Committee and spaces for them all, so please don't feel that this is an either-or exercise. 

These results will be confidential; your name is only required in order to confirm who's voted and who hasn't. 

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Avatâra Ayuso

Avatâra Ayuso works internationally as a choreographer, and she is actively involved in empowerment work for independent artists and for women. One of the key qualities she offers IDMN is being an outsider to our work as producers, and therefore offering a valuable outside eye, while also being skilled at being able to sum up situations swiftly and succinctly. She will be invaluable in refining and adjusting our plans to ensure that each step of what we are doing is the right way to do it, and to assess what we are planning and doing and how it applies to IDMN's wider context. 

Avatâra is a very dynamic, passionate and nurturing leader, a role she has developed over the years through a number of leadership courses including the Clore's Emerging Leaders Programme: dealing with change and conflict are two areas she has specialised in, and her focus on the bigger picture and her instinct to help others grow and learn will make her instrumental in assisting our network and members with challenging situations and dilemmas, and with keeping us focussed on our end goals. 

She can also contribute knowledge she's gained by working with organisations across Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, China and the Far East to offer us a broader perspective and other ways of working and tackling problems. 

Melanie Purdie

Melanie is based in Edinburgh but with strong ties to Leeds, where she lived until earlier this year. 

A co-founder of The Producer School alongside Emma Beverley, she is passionate about supporting and developing freelance producers and is very keen to join the Executive Committee, particularly to represent younger producers.

Holly Noble

Holly Noble, a contemporary ballet choreographer, has been very active over the years in championing independent female choreographers and trying to provide them with a voice through her and Jane Coulston's project The Female Choreographers' Collective.

Following a break due to motherhood and a Masters, Holly is very keen to explore how she can contribute to the independent sector and as a self-producing artist, she's very interested in how IDMN can support artists - both those we work with and self-producing artists - and the potential for IDMN to effect change through its future advocacy work.

Holly is a trustee for Little Bleeders, a charity which supports young people with blood disorders, so she has prior and current board experience. 

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