Established in 2002, the Independent Dance Management Network (formerly the Independent Dance Manager’s Network) is a forum for existing and new independent arts managers, artists, administrators, producers, promoters, programmers, consultants and agents working across the subsidised and commercial arts sectors in the UK.

We are a member-run network that works to develop the sector through networking events, information-sharing, advocacy, change making and occasional training.  We are committed to supporting the development of dance in all its forms through the principles of good management.  Having grown from 15 members in its first year, we have a broad membership of around 30 individuals working across the dance sector and other art-forms.

Previously, IDMN has led a number of sector debates (including at British Dance Editions in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014-16) and played an active role in the production of the Independent Dance Managers' Review and an Independent Dance Managers' Audit of Services.  Working Groups have investigated specific issues and made recommendations with regard to appraisal guidelines, a generic job description and appropriate fee structures for Independent Dance Managers (IDMs).

The membership has grown recently to reflect how Independents are now working within a broad range of contexts. Previously the network was made up of individuals who worked for small-scale dance companies within a management capacity.  However, as the landscape has developed over the past few years membership has been extended to those working across a range of areas within dance; as well as operating in a management capacity for small scale dance companies and artists, some members now also work as programmers, consultants, agents and dance development workers across the performing arts sector.  This wider breadth of skills and experience has enabled the network to stay well connected to the whole industry and representative of the nature of freelance work that makes up a significant part of the sector.

As of April 2012, IDMN became a fully independent network and operates through earned income including membership and any events or training we offer.
IDMN has regularly reviewed its structure and activities in order to reflect changes in the sector and the needs and interests of its members and to ensure it remains effective as a member-managed and run network.  

After a transition period in early 2017 of being led by an Executive Committee, IDMN is now run by Chantal Guevara as Chair and by Natalie Richardson as Vice Chair, and we look forward to spending the coming year helping IDMN to become more proactive and vocal within our industry.


"While I was working as a freelance dance manager I valued my IDMN membership very much. The opportunity to exchange with other members, many of whom had a lot of experience and shared it generously, was great support." - Gitta Wigro, IDMN member 2007-2008