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  • Lise Smith – Bricolage Dance Movement (Image: The Company)

  • RosieHeafford – Paper Solo

  • Claire Morton – Hold Everything Dear – Laila Diallo (Image: Arno)

  • Miranda Laurence – Impending-Storm

  • Nadja Dias – Candoco Company (Image: Candoco Company)

  • Carly Woodbridge – Rowdy – Open Art Surgery – (Image: Breakin Convention)

  • Amanda Drago – Children and Young People’s Dance Network

  • Ceri Brierley – Synchronised, Balbir Singh Dance Company (Image: Maya Almeida)

  • Gwen Van Spijk – Junk Ensemble – Bird with Boy (Image: Luca Truffarelli)

  • Jeanette Hinton – MoveMe Big Dance

  • Katy Noakes – Cape Alley (Image: Mark Simmons)

  • Natalie Richardson – Jean Abreau – A Thread

  • Jih-Wen Yeh

  • Kirsten Jeavons – Man Made Youth of Big Dance

  • Pierre Palluet – Dam Van Huynh – Dep (Image: Pari Naderi)

Having grown from 15 members in its first year, IDMN has a broad membership of around 50 individuals working across the dance sector and other art-forms.

IDMN is a membership led network, co-chaired by Gwen van Spijk and Claire Morton.

Members meet seven times a year in London to network and discuss issues of pertinence to the sector, forming working groups to research or take forward particular initiatives such as organising events for the wider sector or development initiatives. In between meetings our members stay in touch via our private e-group, utilising the network’s shared experience and knowledge base to problem solve or sound out an idea. The e-group also acts as a resource to share jobs and opportunities in the sector.

“While I was working as a freelance dance manager I valued my IDMN membership very much. The opportunity to exchange with other members, many of whom had a lot of experience and shared it generously, was great support.” 

Gitta Wigro, IDMN member 2007-2008

IDMN History


  • IDMN is formed by a founding Executive Committee of Tim Tubbs, Gwen Van Spijk, Sarah Trist and June Gamble with support from Jaqueline Rose at London Arts Board
  • Tim Tubbs is Chair of the Network.
  • IDMN and its members input into the Independent Dance Managers’ Review by Nigel Hinds and Kathy O’Brien, commissioned by London Arts IDMN Review Click here for pdf report


  • IDMN receives funding through ACE London’s portfolio of Regularly Funded Organisations
  • IDMN commissions an Audit of Services required by Independent Dance Managers by Sarah Trist, 2003 Click here for pdf report
  • IDMN and its members input into the Research into Payscales for Dance report, commissioned by Dance UK and the Foundation for Community Dance Click here for pdf report


  • Gwen Van Spijk becomes Chair of the network
  • Claire Morton joins as Membership Coordinator


  • IDMN is assimilated into Greenwich Dance’s activity and funding stream
  • IDMN hosts a sectoral debate at British Dance Edition in Leeds entitled “Who needs Managers?”



  • IDMN leads a sectoral debate at British Dance Edition 2008 in Liverpool considering the relationship between manager and artist
  • IDMN launches its first professional development bursary for members
  • The first bursary is awarded to Joe Bates and Claire Morton, Morton Bates Arts Services Click here for pdf report


  • Sarah Trist (joint Bursary recipient) researches into the role of the Producer Click here for pdf report
  • Gwen Van Spijk (joint Bursary recipient) researches alternative models of `independent working’ across other sectors Click here for pdf report


  • IDMN leads a sectoral debate at British Dance Edition 2010 in Birmingham: “Getting Dance Out & About in the 21st Century” Click here for pdf report
  • The network launches a membership strand for Employed Individual/Corporate members
  • Joe Bates becomes Chair of the network
  • Tim Tubbs is awarded the third IDMN bursary


  • IDMN membership stands at 37 members – its largest membership base to date.


  • IDMN launches updated website.
  • IDMN reaches 54 members.