• Lise Smith – Bricolage Dance Movement (Image: The Company)

  • RosieHeafford – Paper Solo

  • Claire Morton – Hold Everything Dear – Laila Diallo (Image: Arno)

  • Miranda Laurence – Impending-Storm

  • Nadja Dias – Candoco Company (Image: Candoco Company)

  • Carly Woodbridge – Rowdy – Open Art Surgery – (Image: Breakin Convention)

  • Amanda Drago – Children and Young People’s Dance Network

  • Ceri Brierley – Synchronised, Balbir Singh Dance Company (Image: Maya Almeida)

  • Gwen Van Spijk – Junk Ensemble – Bird with Boy (Image: Luca Truffarelli)

  • Jeanette Hinton – MoveMe Big Dance

  • Katy Noakes – Cape Alley (Image: Mark Simmons)

  • Natalie Richardson – Jean Abreau – A Thread

  • Jih-Wen Yeh

  • Kirsten Jeavons – Man Made Youth of Big Dance

  • Pierre Palluet – Dam Van Huynh – Dep (Image: Pari Naderi)

IDMN is an independent group of producers, promoters, programmers, project managers and consultants and agents working across the subsidised and commercial dance sectors in the UK.

A voice for the independent dance sector, we are a member-run network working to develop and contribute to the industry through networking events, information-sharing and advocacy.

We are committed to supporting the development of dance in all its forms through promoting the principles of good management and encouraging best practice.

The Network

Looking for management support? IDMN members represent a wide range of experience and roles across the sector, including agents, fundraisers, consultants.

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Profile 3, Charelle Griffith, Uchenna Dance

Professional Development

IDMN runs a range of one-day, cost-effective courses for artists, producers, project managers and those working across the sector.

“To say [IDMN] was no more than a stopping station in the trajectory of my career would be to underestimate the impact it had on me. It allowed me to edit out the unnecessary and to focus on the thoughts and ideas that really mattered as an independent manager. It offered me a voice that could be heard and keen ears that could listen.”

Farooq Chaudhry, Producer, Akram Khan Company

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